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Samsung's new folding screen patent disclosure is similar to Z fold3, but adopts horizontal folding

Samsung is a leader in the foldable mobile phone market, and its z fold3 and Z flip3 have been warmly sought after. Samsung may launch more types of folding screen phones in the future. On November 16, letsgo digital reported another patent for Samsung's folding screen. The company designed a device that looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, but uses horizontal folding instead of vertical folding.

Samsung's new folding screen patent disclosure is similar to Z fold3, but adopts horizontal folding

Although it seems that horizontal folding is not very different from vertical folding, the aspect ratio of the machine shows that it is more like a mixture of laptop / tablet than a mobile phone that becomes a tablet. The patent was submitted in mid-2019 and approved and published by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on November 2, 2021. The document contains six product sketches showing the folded and unfolded position of the phone.

Samsung's patent shows that the machine adopts horizontal folding, front double perforated camera, which is different from the current banged screen, with three rear cameras. Other designs are not very different from Z fold3.

Whether Samsung really plans to release such a folding mobile phone is still unknown. The Korean manufacturer is developing a variety of models, and only folding devices that provide the best user experience will be available. It is rumored that Samsung is developing Galaxy Z fold Lite at a price more close to the people. However, it is uncertain whether the Lite model will come out in 2022, and the details of the design are unknown.

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