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Intelligent engineering site solutions use information means

1、 Feature function

Integrated management of software and hardware: unified deployment, unified maintenance, unified operation monitoring, unified integrated display, mutual linkage, integration and interaction of software and hardware, which can conduct deeper mining and interaction of site data;

Intelligent engineering site solutions use information means

Interconnection: reject information island, realize equipment linkage, collaborative work and multi-party sharing;

Open platform service: the function menu is modular and supports arbitrary expansion and custom integration.

2、 Application value

Effectively improve the operation efficiency of the construction site: through the comprehensive application of advanced technologies such as BIM, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile applications and intelligent applications, make the construction site more thorough, more comprehensive and intelligent, and greatly improve the work efficiency of on-site operators;

Effectively enhance the lean management level of the project: it helps to realize the real-time, comprehensive and intelligent monitoring and management of the key elements of "human, machine, material, method and environment" on the construction site, effectively supports the coordination and management of all levels of on-site operators, project managers and enterprise managers, improves the control level of construction quality, safety, cost and progress, and reduces waste, Ensure the success of the project;

Effectively improve the industry's supervision and service capacity: through the application of "smart construction site", timely find potential safety hazards, standardize quality inspection and testing behavior, ensure project quality, realize quality traceability and labor real name system management, promote the establishment of honest big data, and effectively support the industry competent department's supervision and service on the quality, safety, personnel and integrity of the project site.

The overall solution of smart engineering site uses information means to focus on the construction site management, integrate the construction and production process, open up the interconnection between data, and establish an information ecosystem of construction projects with interconnection, coordination, intelligent production and scientific management, so as to improve the production efficiency, management efficiency and decision-making ability of the site, and realize the digitization, refinement and Intelligent production and management, and gradually realize green construction and ecological construction.
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