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Specific performance of intelligent engineering concept in the field and Industry

Smart engineering site is the embodiment of the concept of smart earth in the engineering field. It is a new concept of project life cycle management.

Specific performance of intelligent engineering concept in the field and Industry

Smart project site refers to the use of information means to accurately design and simulate the construction project through the three-dimensional design platform, establish an interconnected, collaborative, intelligent production and scientific management construction project information ecosystem around the construction process management, and conduct data mining and analysis with the engineering information collected by the Internet of things in the virtual real environment, Provide process trend prediction and expert plan to realize visual and intelligent management of engineering construction, so as to improve the informatization level of engineering management, so as to gradually realize green construction and ecological construction.

The smart project site embeds more high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensing technology and virtual reality into various objects such as buildings, machinery, personnel wearing facilities and site entrances and exits, which are generally interconnected to form a "Internet of things", and then integrated with the "Internet" to realize the integration of project management stakeholders and project construction site. The core of the smart project site is to improve the way of interaction between various stakeholder organizations and post personnel in a "smarter" method, so as to improve the clarity, efficiency, flexibility and response speed of the interaction.

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