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Integrated management mode of smart project site

With the progress of the times and the development of information technology, the complexity of project management and the change of construction site require that construction management must be integrated with Internet and intelligent software and hardware. Once, traditional management methods could not enable construction enterprises or construction enterprises to achieve fine management, but the development and maturity of cloud computing, Internet of things, sensors, RFID and other technologies will completely change this passive situation and usher in the information age for the construction industry. The measures for the administration of real name system for construction workers (Trial) jointly issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of human resources and social security on March 1 emphasizes the requirements of intelligent and refined management of projects.

Integrated management mode of smart project site

Establish and improve the real name management platform for construction workers in the administrative region, ensure the integrity, timeliness and accuracy of various data, and realize the connection and sharing with the national construction workers management service information platform.

In principle, the construction site shall implement closed management, set up access control system, and use biometric technologies such as face, fingerprint and iris to punch in electronically; For projects without closed management conditions, mobile positioning, electronic fence and other technologies shall be used to implement attendance management. The retention period of relevant electronic attendance and electronic files such as images and images shall not be less than 2 years.
Housing and urban rural development departments and human resources and social security departments at all levels should strengthen data sharing with relevant departments, establish an early warning mechanism for the protection of the rights and interests of construction workers through data application analysis, new media and information technology channels, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of construction workers and improve the ability to serve construction workers.

It can be seen from the above document requirements that "smart site", as a new integrated management mode of project site, has become the general trend.

1、 Industry pain points

The construction industry has obvious characteristics of large production scale and fixed production sites. About 70% of the work of construction enterprises takes place on the construction site, but there have been many pain points on the construction site, such as chaotic safety management and many potential accidents; It is difficult to fully grasp the work progress of the construction site; The cost management is not precise and the profit and loss is not clear; Chaotic material management; There are many engineering data and it is difficult to find them. The larger the scale of project construction, the more complex the process, and the higher the requirements for on-site monitoring and management. Under such hard requirements, smart engineering sites emerge from time to time.

Intelligent engineering site is the deep integration of Internet plus concept and traditional construction engineering field, and is part of smart city. Focusing on the production progress of the construction site, key equipment, personnel management, green and civilized construction and other aspects, the smart project site makes full use of the new generation of high-tech information technologies such as Internet of things, sensing technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data to carry out integrated visual management on the construction site and realize intelligent interactive and efficient work. Therefore, both construction groups, construction enterprises and government regulatory departments can benefit from it and truly realize the concept and policy of "safe production, scientific management, prevention first and comprehensive treatment".

2、 Equipment module
A complete set of intelligent engineering site management informatization solutions cover many levels, such as face recognition, equipment monitoring, site survey, intelligent control, behavior early warning and so on.

The smart project site embeds more high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensing technology and virtual reality into various objects such as buildings, machinery, personnel wearing facilities, site entrances and exits, and is generally interconnected to form a "Internet of things", and then integrated with the "Internet" to realize the integration of project management stakeholders and project construction site. The core of the smart project site is to improve the way of interaction between various stakeholder organizations and post personnel in a "smarter" method, so as to improve the clarity, efficiency, flexibility and response speed of the interaction.

3、 Solution

The smart project site solution is committed to achieving safer, more efficient and lean site construction management, whether it is construction workers' real name management, on-site construction monitoring, or behavior analysis and early warning. On the premise of deeply excavating the actual needs of the construction site, the smart site combines cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, sensors, RFID and other technologies, Build an intelligent management platform. By accessing a series of subsystem modules such as smart site on-site VR demonstration system, tower crane safety monitoring subsystem, portable edge protection subsystem, safety broadcasting subsystem, high formwork monitoring subsystem, mass concrete temperature measurement system, video monitoring subsystem and UAV monitoring subsystem, the data collection, storage and Analysis and application. Thus, it can carry out comprehensive perception, collaborative work, intelligent analysis, risk pre control and data sharing on the construction site, so as to reasonably solve the problems such as difficult construction site management, frequent safety accidents and imperfect environmental protection system, meet the business needs of fine management on the construction site, and intelligently assist the project manager in making scientific decisions, And promote the information transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

The overall solution of smart engineering site is supported by the interconnection of information, integrating the management of site safety, quality, progress, materials, personnel, environment and other aspects, covering the whole project cycle. It can not only realize the data sharing between construction enterprises and relevant departments, but also establish an early warning mechanism for the protection of construction workers' rights through the behavior analysis of big data, so as to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of construction workers.
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