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Both face and lining: Winter transformation of small household appliances

For a long time, small household appliances with high appearance value have been favored by the market. Due to the fashionable and exquisite appearance design, the popularity of small household appliances among consumers is very high, coupled with the rapid development of the market, high appearance value has become the label of small household appliances.

Both face and lining: Winter transformation of small household appliances

However, under the market transformation, the upsurge of small household appliances has gradually subsided, and the attraction of high appearance value to consumers is also declining. Small household appliances are returning to its essence: starting from appearance value and finally quality. No matter how high appearance value products are, they still have to return to the function and purpose of the products. In a common saying, it means to have both face and lining.

After a year of adjustment, it seems that small household appliances have finally mastered the way of transformation in winter. In winter, the temperature generally decreases, people's demand for health and maintenance is released one after another, and the functions of small household appliances in these needs are also highlighted, successfully breaking through the dilemma of "fever reduction" and winning the recognition of consumers.

For example, in winter, the demand for drinking water, health and experience is rising. People not only need to drink healthy drinking water and warm drinking water, but also derive the demand for drinking tea and soup, which is the intention of small household appliances with rich functions. Among small household electrical appliances, there are not only drinking fountains that can cook drinking water that meets health standards, but also coffee machines and tea machines that can cook all kinds of drinks, as well as health pots that can customize drinks and cook the health care hall. They have a wide variety and are popular in the market.

According to the data, innovative and upgraded drinking water products focusing on water quality, taste, taste, health and effluent conditions ushered in strong growth, and the contribution rate of emerging categories such as instant hot drinking machines and tea bar machines increased year-on-year to 167%. The market share of star categories including tea bar machines, tea drinking machines and desktop drinking machines is gradually increasing.

In addition, the demand for heating in winter has increased greatly, and small household appliances have also played a role. Although traditional household appliances such as air conditioners and heaters can solve the problem of indoor heating, people can't avoid going out and walking in their work and life. At this time, small household appliances with heating function, such as warm hand treasure, well supplement the vacancy of traditional heating appliances. They are small in size, easy to carry around, lively and lovely in appearance, which can not only keep warm with you, but also lose their fashionable appearance, It fully embodies the concept of "both face and lining".

In terms of daily diet, the once popular electric lunch box "turned red" again. Due to the cold winter, many people re form the habit of bringing their own Bento to work, and the electric lunch box with both thermal insulation and heating functions returns to the Jianghu. They prepare the meal in advance and bring it to the unit. When they arrive at the meal point, they can eat hot rice, cook and heat by themselves, disinfect at high temperature, and support custom recipes, which is more convenient and healthier. The electric lunch box also has a handle design, and the sealing is also very good. Whether it is portable or packed, it can ensure the storage and protection of meals and bring convenience to life.

Some industry commentators believe that in this face value era, some small household appliances have deviated from the goal and take high face value as the main selling point of products, but in fact, the product attribute of small household appliances is the essence. When the market enters the transformation period, users will highlight their needs and pay more attention to the product attributes of small household appliances. The transformation of small household appliances is not to abandon the appearance value, but to focus on the product function and give consideration to the appearance value. In winter, the needs of users have changed, and many small household appliances have also been successfully transformed to seize the hearts of consumers, including some fashionable high appearance value small household appliances. It can be seen that high self-worth does not conflict with the transformation of small household appliances. Small household appliances can "have both face and lining".
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