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Waste small household appliances, where is your "home"?

Nowadays, people's consumption direction of household appliances is not limited to refrigerators, color televisions, washing machines and other large household appliances. A variety of small household appliances have become the choice for people to improve the quality of life and increase the interest of life. Some data show that the sales ratio of small household appliances is much higher than that of household appliances, among which the sales of air fryer, steam mop, massager and electric toothbrush increased greatly. In the face of the increasing speed of upgrading small household appliances, the treatment problem of waste small household appliances has surfaced. Due to the lack of a sound recycling system, consumers feel helpless in the face of these small household appliances. On December 13 and 14, the reporter visited many places and found that the second-hand trading market, second-hand e-commerce platform and wechat group found a place for citizens to use small household appliances.

Waste small household appliances, where is your home?

Short service life and high renewal rate
Recently, Ms. Li bought an intelligent rice cooker with complete functions and reservation function. In this way, she makes an appointment to cook before work every day, and the meal is ready when she comes home from work. Ms. Li lamented that technology has changed life, but there are also problems. The previous electric rice cooker is still good.

Many people like to drink a cup of hot soybean milk in the morning. Speaking of homemade drinks, many families have soybean milk machines. However, with the emergence of wall breaking machine, it is not only soybean milk, but also more scientific and selective to make nutritional rice paste and fruit and vegetable juice. A few days ago, Ms. Chen bought a wall breaking machine, and 80% of the new old soybean milk machines were idle at home. I don't know how to dispose of them.

Ms. LAN, who lives in Xinhua Street, said that a few days ago, the induction cooker at home broke down. After checking at the after-sales service point, she learned that the maintenance fee was 80 yuan. The price of this induction cooker is only more than 100 yuan. You can buy a new one with dozens of yuan. Citizen Mr. Zheng said that the warranty period of many small household appliances is one year, and most of the faults occur after two or three years of use. Some small household electrical appliances have few maintenance outlets, and most of them need to be sent to the door for repair, and the maintenance cost is too high. He also said that compared with household appliances, the service life of some small appliances is shorter, and the recycling of waste small appliances is the big problem.

Hundreds of yuan of electrical appliances become "junk"

A few days ago, Ms. Li, a citizen, asked the waste recycling company to recycle a coffee pot and a soybean milk machine, selling a total of 8 yuan. The reporter interviewed a vendor who specializes in recycling household appliances and learned that electromagnetic ovens, microwave ovens and mini refrigerators can be recycled at a price of a few yuan to dozens of yuan. Second hand household appliances such as electric rice cookers and soybean milk machines for cooking can only be recycled as waste products because they can not be sold again after recycling. Mr. Meng, the person in charge of a renewable resources recycling company, introduced that their company's business scope includes the recycling of small household appliances. Citizens can save up some unused small household appliances, which can be recycled at home for more than 20 kg, 50 cents per kg. After recycling, they will transport the products to other places, and the processing plants in other places will classify, disassemble or secondary process the electrical appliances.

In the interview, many citizens said that although it is a pity to treat small household appliances purchased with hundreds or even thousands of yuan as waste recycling, they are willing to recycle small household appliances if there is no better way to deal with them. After all, waste small household appliances contain precious metals. Recycling and professional treatment can not only avoid pollution, but also reuse resources. It has the dual value of ecological protection and circular economy. They also said that if relevant departments can introduce recycling support policies to guide and encourage relevant enterprises to centrally recycle and disassemble waste small household appliances, so as to establish a complete network system and change the embarrassing situation of difficult recycling of waste small household appliances to the greatest extent, it can make more rational use of waste small household appliances.

"Internet plus" into sales platform

Recently, Ms. Su sold her washing machine in some wechat groups. According to Ms. Su, this washing machine is a fully automatic wave wheel small washing machine. It was considered to wash the baby's clothes when buying it. At that time, the purchase price was 680 yuan. After buying, Ms. Su found that she still liked to hand wash baby's intimate clothes such as diapers and clothes, and the use frequency of small washing machines was not high. Ninety percent of the new washing machines were useless and occupied land at home, so Ms. Su decided to sell them in the wechat group. Half a month later, the small washing machine was sold for 300 yuan.

The reporter learned in the interview that young people still have "coups" for the treatment of some waste household appliances. Xiao Zhang has worked in our city for 2 years and will be transferred to other places to work in the near future. The small electric fans, induction cooker, humidifier and other small household appliances in her rented house were sold on a second-hand trading platform, which not only solved the problem of item handling for her, but also obtained some income.
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