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Small household appliances bring new "cooking" problems for health preservation in winter

Nowadays, hair loss, insomnia and anxiety have become an insurmountable "gap" in front of young people, followed by the prevalence of "punk health preservation" of "soaking medlar in a thermos cup".

Small household appliances bring new cooking problems for health preservation in winter

With the upsurge of young consumer groups pursuing health preservation, the small household appliance industry has also started the transformation of health preservation. Health pot, cooking machine, soybean milk machine, tea cooker, air fryer and other small household appliances have become "necessary options" in the shopping cart of many young consumers. Small household appliances integrated with health care elements have broken through the constraints of product use scenarios and age groups and won the favor of consumers with their convenient, mini and fashionable characteristics and market positioning.

Health preservation has become a fashion topic

"Grab a handful of millet before going to bed every day and put it into the cooking machine. Set the opening time. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you can drink a cup of rich health porridge." Consumer Miss Wang told reporters that compared with open fire cooking, the cooking machine will not overflow the pot, the cooking volume is more suitable for one person to drink, and cleaning is also very convenient. It is simply an "artifact" to awaken the spirit of the day in winter.

Similarly, Ms. Shi, who "hoards" ten kilograms of red dates in the office, is also a loyal user of the health pot. "When you go to the unit every day, first grab a handful of red dates, add medlar and Sydney, boil them in a health pot, and drink a mouthful to warm your heart and stomach, which is healthier than drinks and coffee."

Nowadays, in the environment where the whole people pay attention to great health, the concept of health preservation is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. A health care formula suitable for cooking small household appliances has become an "important" topic for more and more young consumers. In the Internet era of "traffic is king", health topic has also become a hot option for planning short video content.

Tiktok, red dates, millet, yam, mung bean, soya bean and other simple and easy ingredients, which are skillfully collocation through the sowing master, and instantly become a soup of health preserving soup by the sowing machine, are in the homepage of the Xiao Yang Chen's fish not eating fish. Li Hui, director of obesity and gratitude department, also shared a health tea suitable for people to stay up late. It only needs sour jujube kernel, Lily and poria cocos. The simple boiling of health pot can alleviate the problems of sleeping difficulties and emotional anxiety of young people.

There are many functions and "appearance"

According to the data, innovative and upgraded drinking water products focusing on water quality, taste, taste, health and effluent conditions ushered in strong growth, and the contribution rate of emerging categories such as instant hot drinking machines and tea bar machines increased year-on-year to 167%. The market share of star categories including tea bar machines, tea drinking machines and desktop drinking machines is gradually increasing.

The reporter searched for health care appliances on many e-commerce platforms and also saw that in addition to providing stewing, wall breaking, extraction and other functions, the current health care small appliances have integrated new materials and processes such as purple sand, ceramics and Maifan stone in terms of product materials. In terms of modeling design, cherry pink, macarone color, pumpkin pier modeling and cartoon element fashion design are also more in line with the aesthetics of young consumers. Many new products also integrate intelligent attributes such as seven grade temperature regulation, intelligent constant temperature, tea set disinfection and water volume monitoring, and perfectly integrate the themes of "beauty", "science and technology" and "health".

"Today's consumers not only pay attention to practicality, but also have very high requirements for the fashion of product appearance." A salesperson of an online store told reporters that taking the health pot as an example, the price of products with the same power and volume and new products with fashionable appearance will more than double compared with traditional products, mainly current consumers. For the demand for health care small household appliances, they not only pursue practical "connotation", but also pay more attention to personalized "appearance".

The promotion of "beauty" of health care small appliances has also expanded more use scenarios for products that once belonged to kitchen small appliances. "Soaking medlar in a thermos cup" has been gradually replaced by "cooking health care soup on the desk".

Rational consumption should pay more attention to quality

The reporter also learned in the interview that with the rising popularity of live broadcasting, many consumers choose to buy health care small household appliances online. However, some popular health care small household appliances have potential safety hazards in use. On the black cat platform, consumers complained that the health pot burst, resulting in hand injuries.

Some consumers also said that some health care small appliances will "return" to easier to use and more affordable traditional appliances after they are purchased and used for a period of time. Some products are not only troublesome to clean, but also have low power. Their functions are far less easy to use than microwave ovens, ovens and rice cookers.

In this regard, some people in the industry pointed out that at the moment when the concept of health preservation is becoming more and more popular, health preservation appliances are becoming more and more popular, and the sales of such products are growing with the help of the anchor with goods. However, due to the low market threshold and non-standard online and offline sales channels, consumers also have some potential safety hazards in the process of using products. Therefore, when purchasing health care small household appliances, consumers also need to maintain rational consumption. They should not blindly believe in sales rhetoric or be attracted by fashionable appearance design. They should consider according to their own actual needs. When purchasing products, it is best to choose well-known brands and formal sales channels as far as possible, and keep relevant purchase certificates, So as to avoid the risks of quality, safety and after-sales service.
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