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Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case

With mobile phones as the center, there are many kinds of accessories, but the closest relationship with mobile phones should be the protective shell. As the first accessory to be purchased after many people start mobile phones, the protective shell has the most tangles when choosing, often because the appearance and protection can not be taken into account. This psychological process is the same as that of female users when they go out to choose clothes, but UAG, a world-famous parts manufacturer, gives the answer.

Brief introduction

UAG is a famous American digital accessories brand "urban armor gear", which translates directly to "urban gear armor". UAG is its abbreviation. This company is famous for its ultra-thin urban armor protective shell. Many Chinese geek enthusiasts used to be products of Haitao's family. At present, they have been authorized for sale in China, making it easier to choose.

The outer package can directly see the style of the mobile phone case through transparent plastic. There is only a Chinese label on the back of the package, and the others are in English.

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case

The mecha style design, the raised part of the back and the symbolic screw treatment give people the first feeling that it is very strong and can provide all-round protection for the mobile phone.
What material is UAG made of? The product adopts light feather double-layer structure, hard shell and impact resistant soft interior.

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case
Graphic design of armor behind
UAG logo metal is printed on the back of the protective shell, and the surface is anodized, which will never decolorize
TPU anti falling and damping soft shell is added in the middle, and the honeycomb design on the inner side forms a special double-layer structure with the outer hard shell, which reduces the size and weight of the product to the greatest extent.
In addition, UAG uses the best soft rubber material, which is very impact resistant, and really achieves the effect of high fall resistance and shock resistance.

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case
Design details
The first is the key part. The key adopts a very soft design, which is very easy to operate and will not affect the use experience of the key.

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case
The second is the screen protection. After the mobile phone case is covered, it is 2mm higher than the screen, which not only avoids the wear of the edge, but also plays a buffer role when falling. The same design experience is in lens protection.
Finally, the oblique section design is skillfully adopted around the lens protection, including the black rubber ring of anti reflection compound, which effectively removes the glare brought by the mobile phone case and gives the photos original flavor.

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case
Practical experience
The lightness is another surprise it brings. The hand feel and skin friendly material improves the hand feel. The anti-skid pad on the side increases the holding stability. Each hole position is very standard. The raised part at the back also did not affect the design of wireless charging and NFC.

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case

Give your iPhone a full protection -UAG case

UAG takes into account both appearance and protection. Each small detail of the design reflects the power of the product. In terms of product protection, it has passed the U.S. military fall prevention certification, and its strength can not be underestimated. If you also change the mobile phone case frequently, you might as well pay attention to it.

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