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Apple zone

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  • iPhone
  • Airpods
  • iPad
  • Watch Strap

3C & Home Appliances

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  • Humidifier
  • Mini Fan
  • Power Bank
  • Bluetooth Speaker

Security Cameras

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  • Tuya WIFI Camera
  • Mini Camera
  • Solar Camera
  • CCTV System Kit

Lamp & Mirror

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  • Night Light
  • Table Lamps
  • Cosmetic mirror lamp
  • Book Lights

Auto Game

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  • Mobile Handle
  • Switch Handle
  • Xbox Handle
  • PS Handle

Smart Wear

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  • Kids Smart Watch
  • Bluetooth Call Smart Watch
  • Woman Smart Watch
  • Bluetooth Headset
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  • FAQ
    • Q: Are you the factory to provide OEM products?
      A: Yes,we provide OEM/ODM service for 10 years
    • Q: How about your product quality?
      A: All items are provided with CE /FCC /RoHS certificates. To make sure the quality,all products will be100% checked on production line.and we also will randomly check base on AQL before shipping
    • Q: Can Itake a sample to test before l place formal orders?
      A: Yes,you can take a samples at first . lf there is a problem, our engineers are always here to help you.
    • Q: How long is your warranty?
      A: All camera have 24 months warranty. During this period,customers can replace or repair cameras for free.
    • Q: Can ! have a refund for the defective cameras?
      A: Yes,if the problem can not be solved , you could send the camera back, and we will refund the money to you after we receive the camera
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